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Who’s painting us?

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Chandler: Where are the disposable cameras?
Ross: What disposable cameras?
Chandler: The cameras! Remember last night I asked you to take them?
Ross: No you didn’t.
Chandler: Yes! Remember? Right before we cut the cake, I went up to you and I said …
Ross: Oh oh yeah, you came up to me and asked me if I could do you a favor and then my Uncle Murray came up to you and handed you a check. And then you said: "Why do they call it a ‘check’? Why not a Yugoslavia?"
*Chandler laughs*
Ross: Yeah and then you did that and my Uncle Murray looked at me like…

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Am I on fire today or what?!

I didn’t made so many gifs in years.
I was more active on Tumblr some years ago but then there was a lot going on and I just kind of forgot about it.
And now (because of Friends actually) I started again and I just noticed how much I missed it. It’s good to be back.
Hopefully I can take more time to be more active.

Leo: And you wonder why you’re alone.

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I did this for you.

Matthew Perry on Ellen

Isn’t that nice? So quiet, I could just lie here all day.

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"Wait, you guys. Can we just please take a moment? Our two best friends just got married. We are so blessed to be able to share in this incredible joy." 

Why do they call it a “check”? Why not a Yugoslavia?
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